Hipólito Mejia dice que no lo sienten cerca de Leonel Fernández ni de relajo

Hipólito Mejia says they do not feel him close to Leonel Fernández or relax

 No, no, not to sit close, but to see him from afar, yes, "said the former president of the Republic, Hipólito Mejía, when members of the press asked them if he would sit with the former president, Leonel Fernández, during the national dialogue next Monday.

Likewise, he was hopeful about the potential of dialogue to solve the problems that afflict the country.

"Whether you like it or not, you have to sit down to discuss the problems with the people because the country is ours, but you have to wait for the results, I have great faith that we will turn out well," he said.

This dialogue was called by the current President of the Republic, Luis Abinader, to discuss the twelve reforms that were raised in his speech on August 18.

So far several political parties have confirmed their presence at the meeting, including the People's Force, whose president is Fernández.

"The People's Force welcomes the invitation it makes to different sectors of national life to participate in a process of dialogue in relation to 12 reform proposals suggested by the Executive Power," said Fernández.

For its part, the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) informed this newspaper that it convened the political committee of that entity for next Sunday and it will be that day when the assistance of this political body will be decided.


Las reformas planteadas por el presidente abarcan al sector eléctrico, agua, policía, salud y seguridad social, calidad educativa y transformación digital; también la reforma fiscal integral, del sector hidrocarburos, laboral y de la Transparencia y la Institucionalidad.

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